Our Bi- Annual Coin Show:

Twice a year we collaborate with area Dealers from Raleigh, NC and other surrounding areas to put on one heck of a coin show. From foreign coins ,to supplies ,fun and games for kids of all ages and of course U.S. Currency & COINS. Dates are always announced for plenty of time to prepare. We'll see you there.


: We Meet every 2nd Thursday of the month at 6:30 pm  At the USO
: Located in downtown Jacksonville , N.C. You can either come by with a sponsor, or stop in being referred by a member or friend. Sit in ,if you like we will vote you in and its just that easy. oh yeah a small yearly dues will be required of only $10.00 per year. 


who we are

A Great bunch of woman and men from all over the globe. With one thing in common COINS . Young and old, Novice and experts, always room for more.

With a wide range of knowledge , always something for everyone to learn and grow with. One of the greatest hobbies or profession, coin collecting and fellowship is the reason for our club. 

Comments From member's and guest

Jacksonville-Camp Lejeune

                            Coin Club


Jacksonville-Camp Lejeune Coin Club

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Just a great bunch of folks young and old , really lots to learn  and always a fun time."

          L. Rivera treasurer of JCLCC

I'm always looking for new members, to help us continue to grow and become a more diverse club and continue on the great tradition of coin collecting.

W. Hurley President of JCLCC

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